Does the woman have Pride?

Does she still know how to love a man?
Do I look around and see so much camouflaged feminine happiness?
Where does the deep sadness of women come from?
Is the woman found in the gift of loving the man?
This love in order to be able to reach the peak of understanding, did the women in an apparent emancipation and demand for equal rights want to understand what happens after the door closes behind the men who go out into society to take their share of success?

They stayed at home where they maintained harmony and silence while waiting for him, but they never understood why he came angry or happy, defeated or victorious, so asking the Divinity for an answer, life offered them boots and pants. This is to feel what a man feels in the theater of life: defeats, the bitter taste of loss, failure, contempt.

In this wonderful situation of changing roles, the woman, feeling what the man feels in society, can return home with more understanding and love when both at the table looking at each other share a dinner but also the work to put it on the table.

But is it so?
Have we understood how to love them more completely? Or in this role-playing game, believing that we are doing better, have we become men who punch the table in the evening, angry that the food is too salty and the children too noisy?
Maybe a vacation from this game, a detached look from the outside can show us where we have arrived.
So many of us have forgotten to love, to look the man in the eye honestly and to remind him how important he is. Why all this? Because we too can now do a job previously classified as male and we think we do it better or do more?
The understanding role of the game has turned into a war in which we all lose. We lose femininity and grace in exchange for a powerful car, a career and a masculine success that we don't know what to do with; 
They lose the feeling of being useful, men, wanted and respected in exchange for a catalog of women with transactional desires. And we and they lose the core of the family, the excitement of a marriage, the beauty of planting a common tree - the child. This war is the most unjust that has ever existed and the price of both camps is the illusion of victory, an illusion of common accepted happiness that lacks the unique diversity of happiness in the family.
Divorce has become the most important topic at the tables where wine is poured into glasses. Cheating alone is a reason for meetings with relatives and intense debates for a reconciliation, but now we meet in society the new open mind, open relationship model.
Where we women only find the way to home, to love and peace, we forget to touch, to desire the same man and to let him be regardless of how much he brings financially to the family . Thus the foundation of our house begins to shake and we are desperately looking for an architect to help us, not accepting that the one sent in the path of our life is the right one, the man we met is all we need to rebuild our structure together . Once women full of patience and understanding, we have become men lacking in tact and steadfastness, always looking for another craftsman more skilled than the one we kicked out of our house, because thinking that we are masters, we become only the slaves of a circus.
The train of thoughts are stopped by the phone ringing, on the other end a long-forgotten voice:
-What are you doing? Do you know who you are talking to? His low voice brings an authoritative tone.
-Okay, I haven't heard you for a long time, I know who I'm talking to!
- I want to ask you something?
-Yes, please tell me what I can help you with?
-How can you help me ? I think we've started to mistakenly believe things we can't do, right?
How strange everything is always with him, as if the whole conversation was between them and now this phone just confirms her thoughts.
- Why did you call me?
- I'm just correcting you, you expressed yourself wrong and maybe this is where it all starts, when you help me you're also helping yourself by showing what value you can bring through your set of skills.
-Hmmm....she sighs a long time, trying to cover everything she thinks, she was always afraid that he could read her thoughts, everything with him sounds as if he knows everything. To stand naked in front of someone, stripped not of clothes but of thoughts, emotions and shields, is the greatest act of courage and she feels that this is exactly what is missing from her entire being.
- I'll email you what I need you to do and let me know if you can. OK?
- Okay, can I ask you something?
-  Yes ... he starts to laugh sarcastically, which makes her want to hang up the phone.
-Leave it !
-What do you want to ask ? I'm listening to you !
- Do you think women are still women today?
- Do you think you are a woman?
- Yes, I think I am!
He started laughing loudly...leaving frustration and surprise on the other end of the phone.
-Women have no pride! You are a perfect man, even a dear friend to me, because I cannot consider you a girlfriend, you have nothing of the femininity and grace of a woman.
She was completely stunned by what she heard, but what surprised her the most was the series of masculine and aggressive thoughts that came to her mind, he is right... All the time in which she became the Alpha Male, in which she beat with her fist in the table unsatisfied by his partner's financial gains, in which she took the role of mechanic of the couple's life and solving problems, in which she mentally dominated a group of men just to demonstrate her power. But which power? Because she is a woman. It seems that a skirt, a pair of heels and a make-up are just camouflages of masculine women that compensate for a lack of natural sensuality, a smile that brings tranquility and a classic elegance. He's right, she's just another guy in the skirt.
-Say something? he asks apparently surprised.
- I would like to contradict you but you have just dismantled my life....I will call you when I can rebuild my lego game.
- Do you think you can run away so easily? Who are you really running from?
-The one I think I am now?
- If you don't like something about who you are now, you have all the time in the world to start being something else.
- If only it were that easy...
- It really is that easy, at least it should be, if you knew who you are. I'll hear from you again, I have a lot to deal with, I'll leave you!
The conversation ends as enigmatically as it began.
Is it true ? Should a woman be devoid of pride?
But what is female pride?
Have we found the answer to the pain in our women's eyes? Is pride the ingredient that represents the gasoline in the man's car and the destruction in our soul?
Have we taken from the world of men tools that in our world are completely useless and even harmful?


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