House of the Soul

Emotions, the manifestation of everything we actually represent. I asked the mental question why this madness with positive thinking and affirmations are totally useless in extremely many cases.
I read and watched quite a few documentaries that illustrated radical changes in everything in our lives by using these autosuggestion techniques, but when I applied them in my life they were as useful as gasoline for a diesel car.
Nothing really worked for me. Then I understood that you can build from the point where you are, not from the image presented.
When you want another form of manifestation in your life, you also want the magic of everything that means now to happen and you give up on the project because the results are delayed.
Why is that?
From my own experience, without giving advice to follow, I felt that from Monday everything will be perfect. I put into practice what I have just discovered and that's it, magic, I have found the magic potion that can change my life easily and without any effort. Well, it's like saying I bought that land and tonight I'm packing my bags, I built the house of my dreams. As difficult as building the house from reality, the house from our soul is also hard to built. We realize that everything inside only resonates with what we want, we make a subconscious investment and we want the miracle to manifest now if possible. Is it possible? I don't think so. That's how I understand  that  apparent failures is actually represented on my way to change  every brick laid in my inner construction.
I work continuously, but I also have days when the unfavorable weather makes me stop the work inside me. Bad weather means a day when I sleep, children need me at their house, I visit other dreams and so on. And it's ok, let it be like that as long as, after the rain is over, you pick up the chisel and the hammer again and start working on the personal project of the soul.
And maybe not today, not tomorrow, not even in a month will not be the time when you can move into the new house, but every morning brings a feeling of correct direction, you stop living at the will of destiny waiting for other people to invite you into apprenticeship to help them build their house. This is what happens when you don't know what you want and you live without a plan of soul desires, you are permanently an apprentice somewhere. This apprenticeship is a miracle for a while, so you can learn by observation, but it becomes a constant feeling of frustration when it becomes the main song that sings in the background of the soul.
There comes a time when, waking up alone, we yearn for someone to put an imaginary leash around our neck and drag us around the park like a dog for a walk, because in that state we are not responsible for our decisions and we can always blame the new master .
Being the masters of our life means a completely different form of manifestation of your own energy, only you have no shadow to blame for your failure, it is not the fault of the boss, the child, the husband or society. You are in front of your soul, looking at it and being ready to start work. And sometimes there are no apprentices, architects, builders. In those moments, you are in all positions. It may seem completely crazy, but life becomes full of satisfaction.
Thus, all these positive statements, mental reprogramming have a point. They become tools for self, soul and whole being recreation. But once again, they are only tools of the soul. You can't go to the store to get a drill when you actually need to install parquet in the house of your soul. That's why I concluded from my own experiences that the moment and place we are in is always the right one. Posting yourself in the future and looking for the end of the road is what happens with these statements and mentors that we meet now, they have their role but if it doesn't work now it is because we are at a different level of information perception, one in which practicing what is fashionable spiritually is like buying cat food at black friday sale when you don't have one. A wonderful spiritual food but beneficial only to the soul in the position of understanding what is presented.
So I stopped looking for mentors who, from a position of omniscience, offer miracles that would change my life and I started to look around, accepting the place, the situations and the people with whom I am now in contact. Understanding that here is the time and location where I can rebuild myself and that everything I live and have at hand from a spiritual point of view are the right tools on my way TODAY.
I met people when I was in the apprenticeship of observation with considerable material wealth living in luxury and opulence but full of resentment, annoyance and frustration. Then I wondered if what is in the soul is also reflected in the material world. My answer is no. Soul work is a thousand times more difficult to achieve than profane work, this is because intuition and introspection come into play and in all this we have no audit. We must believe in what the eyes cannot see and feel the emotions that guide us.
I started to see people's soul homes and I was so surprised by the misarable state in which social successes live. I was also one of the people who wanted to collect things to compensate for the pain in the soul, abandonment, fear, lack of love. Every time I went to buy something, I felt before how that object would completely change my soul and my wound would heal like a miracle and not a brick but an entire floor would be added to the house of the soul. After the feeling of euphoria and happiness passes, this guilt starts because somewhere in me I knew that it was only something temporary, just an escape from the real inner work, this rush to acquire things. Like trying to fix a broken pipe with glue. Maybe that evening the water stopped flowing, but tomorrow I would surely face the same problem, maybe even bigger.
After these searches, it took a while to start putting the new emotions into action, I don't know when a new house started to take shape in my soul, but I feel that is there.


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