Snowballs formed from consequences

I was looking at the white mountain covered with snow, everything around was of a divine silence; On the top of the mountain, a lot of people were lined up, all with an imaginary snow globe in front of them, full of past actions, decisions, dreams. It was a snow globe built from a multitude of parts from themselves. Everything they were looking for, wanted to get and wanted to have.
Everything became so clear from the position of observer, analysis and introspection, somewhere in me a light was lit; I understood that our experiences without analysis and introspection keep us connected to everything that happens in our life, like an imaginary thread of a snowball formed from actions and that destiny becomes uncontrollable like an avalanche in the absence of Divinity.
Then the avalanche began, and I watched how the life of those on the top unfolded according to the snowball desire to cause an uncontrolled avalanche of events in their lives, I watched how they were pulled by the snowball who became bigger and bigger  from experiences that resemble the dough from which they were formed. Those who had snowball with happy experiences, incredible synchronicity of events, joy, health and contentment grew imaginary snowballs with other similar feelings and those who had it composed of hatred, resentment, frustration, for them the same thing happens, as if by magic , their snowball only find  situations that feed them the material from which they formed their sphere.
And then, detached in calmness, I looked at the material with which I built my snowball of actions. It was composed of many things: love, desire for knowledge, experience, miracles, trust, wisdom, introspection, abundance, meta-wealth. And then I added the element that gave them coherence, God.
Looking at the beautiful sphere of actions, I understood that everything can change in seconds when we stop listening to the noise of the world and return to the space of silence. That timeless space where we meet the Creator, where we understand that we have lessons and that we can change the book at any time and learn something else.
How can we expect to be calm and happy in our lives when we constantly seek to be the victims of an executioner's play or the hero who is always fighting imaginary dragons? From this constant desire to prove that we are someone, the book of life will provide us with material actions that support what we feel and think.
Maybe if we timidly knocked on the Creator's door to ask for another training course, would He listen to us?



13 responses to “Snowballs formed from consequences”

  1. There is a lot of wisdom in that story

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  2. Thank you for the well-painted picture. I like the notion of ‘good avalanches ‘ and ‘bad avalanches’. I’ve certainly seen both.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 ive seen Both in my life …and i alwayes blame all the people for my life problems … Till i understand that i build myself all the things i experienced … Like Jim Rhon said : ME …the Root of all problems begin with our perspective . 😘


      1. …and sometimes things just happen that are outside our control. No one’s fault… that’s just life….

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      2. Yeah ….sometimes we need to accept that life Have as well a word to Say about the life we create …its our fault how we response to the things outside the plan . Right ?

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  3. Spot on. It’s aboutnhaving the wisdom to know which is which…

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  4. Things happemd for a reason and we dont know what the reason is at the moment. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Yeah , but most of the Times we create reasons that will feed the stories that we imagine .


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    Thanks for all the likes and happy creating
    Best wishes

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