The service donkey

Is the sacrifice coded somewhere in us? Sacrifice family for career, personal life for success, friends for learning;
Looking at the window that communicates with the sea, I was thinking who puts these rules of sacrifice in the game of life.
I want to bring laziness to the altar of sacrifice in exchange for success in order to understand it better and transform it from nothing to something. To work according to a plan that will help me divide my time intelligently in such a way that I can smile in the evening at a movie with the children and in the morning at the office with my colleagues.
Perhaps this altar of sacrifice is just the point where we begin to understand how to balance activities and to sell and buy skills just like  a monopoly game.
This "laziness" was one of the best skills I had until this age. That state of solitude with me in which it seemed that I was doing nothing, but I was calming and providing clarity to my mind. A reinterpretation of what we feel will provide completely divine answers. But I cataloged this meditation in solitude as lazyness, because that's how those agitated and always swimming in the troubled state of their minds saw my state of calm and tranquility. And just as they threw judgments at me, today I can return the same judgment to them in the Book of Wisdom. But I do it quietly just for myself. Just to get off from my back another heavy bag that was never intended for my shoulders to carry.
And because I wanted to prove my point of view and to have the feeling of acceptance I ran, taking everyone's binbags as a donkey on the back and carrying other people's bags until somewhere this lesson ended.
Somewhere quietly and in silence I felt the expectations of others from me and not being aware of who I am and what I feel, I always played the role of emotional donkey.I interpreted other people emotions  and offered them back in another light. And this work seemed to never end because the owners of the emotions came with others and others...and when I turned to them for a fair exchange of experiences, I was hit with the classic: It's not my job.
And I was angry and I screamed and I was sad for a long time until I realized that it is not my job to take the smelly garbage from the neighbor's door and take it to the garbage, pushed by moral and social rules he will be forced to do it alone . But in this mental debate with me, I came and protected my role as a hero by telling myself about the civic and moral sense of helping the other. Is it so? Is there an obligation to move someone else's garbage so that its smell does not flood us? That's probably why the Laws of Karma were invented, the laws of cause and effect, in which unknown forces come into action when our mental and emotional garbage disturbs the smell of harmony around us. In order to preserve the natural balance, these laws of karma enter the scene, forcing us to maintain the personal vibration according to the collective vibration.
These bags were returned to the rightful owners so that they could make their changes along with the sacrifices.


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