A parking lot that opens the doors

The illusion represents nowadays the reality that surrounds us. We project on the others understandings that belong to us and we always conclude that what we know is also what they will know. We are surprised and often disappointed when our expectations do not correspond to the reality that we imagine.

I  meet people from their place of understanding and I completely exclude what I know so that I can fully encompass in discussions and interactions the people with whom I interact. That’s what I want at least and practically every time I have the opportunity to be able to leave the robe of pride in another hanger.

The most eloquent example in my life about things that seem incomprehensible to us is that to this day I have never parked the car in the parking lot of a mall. I always chose to park in a normal parking lot and go maybe 10 minutes to get to the mall. Why? I do not know maybe because the last time I parked in an airport carpark , I forgot where I parked it and I searched it two hours ? Yes! But who would believe this story when we share a coffee and talk about philosophy, life, love and books or about business and other things that bring around me a glow of a man full of information and experiences.

This little personal story is exposed today just for an awareness. We can all learn from each other,  I could learn from anyone how to pay for parking, to enter and get out of the mall parking lot. The poker player mask is just a game played by the EGO to hide weakness. What could I learn from others? I’m the smartest here. Well no, life has given me the lesson of understanding again. In order to be able to learn anything from anyone, to stop the string of questions about why I meet certain people on my life I need to put down the Ego mask of a professional poker player and be myself.

In this game of knowledge any interlocutor will own for the one in the interaction a golden information.


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