Ya Kuza


Little by little the colours of infinity were restored and the painting returned to state of peace. As he looked to the path of the heart, he took down his crown, understanding for the first time that the nobility of the blue blood comes from the inner power of dreaming and the dream becomes the cord through which we are reborn in the absolute and in the eternal with all that belongs to us in absolute detachment.

Anything external that causes adoration is just an internal myth that must be discerned as in a child’s play. The simplicity of a one-glance experience means everything.

When you truly understand the Universal symbols you can make explicit the simplest language without words through actions- the language that still has the primordial power of creation and the uniqueness of constant discovery, of the amazement of the divine gift called life-Childhood.

Bringing the indoctrinated Adult to the steps of a child born towards immortality, is a unitary whole and the adult’s unique chance to understand that we are creators of the personal universe. When we realize that from the apparent nymph we can give birth to an even more perfect ourselfs version, which through innocent games teaches us the totality of life.

Those who understood immortality first are the teachers who opened their eyes astonished just like the playful and immortal eyes of those who brought with them the higher self- The indigo children gave their hands to diamond children and recreated themselves to the completion of eternity.

And when you really want to change the world, you go back home and love your family.

Every child is the chance of salvation, therefore They should not be regarded with ignorance and superiority but on the contrary with the astonishment of the perfection that lies within us and manifests itself in our eyes.

Being a parent is heaven’s most beautiful job. One that once understood opens the gates of heaven and lets the demons take the wings of the angels not to cut them off but to truly transform.

For no demon is anything but a feeling in our subconscious that has remained unloved. He who loves primordial love above the profane self can descend into the deepest abyss and climb the ladder of heaven in seconds because Nothing can achieve everything, he is chained in a magical dance of eternity forming that ying and yang of the office of adjustments

Those who invite you to see their face but not their soul, their eyes but not their essence. Those who have understood in the dust of bygone millennia that any Empary has his heyday, the period of fall and the period in which the God of the earth is revived.

Many have said to these angels of karma in many ways, I have chosen to call the Unforgetable or Ya Kuza.

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