Routine, such a monotonous word. It sounds like everything that is devoid of brightness, it seems a dusty word that brings into our lives only boredom. But isn’t the routine turned into a program and a new acquired reflex actually brilliant?

We continue to make repetitive actions day by day. If we analysed our daily schedule we would realize that it is a weaving of actions that we do every day .. and all the magic is in being able to get out of the pattern of routine and create another . Is it easy? No! So routine is as beneficial as it is harmful. Being taught to run day by day for 30 minutes is a routine full of benefits and so is a routine to drink a glass of brandy at dawn. In both situations our brain knows a program. In the first example, the body is charged with energy and ready to continue a life full of meaning and in the second that person runs away from all that reality can offer by bringing the dark clouds to take over the freshness of the morning. The question is how can the first one introduce a single element of the new routine to recreate a new life ? How?


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