The café shop looks like a story of yesteryear brought to the world today. The light-colored tables, the flowers placed with care and skill on each table and the light that caressed that scene as if they were all talking about a meeting that would be the beginning of a beautiful lesson, all this imagine was amazing and made anyone looking at it , feel joyfull and happy.

I saw that waiting in the café shop  a beautifully contoured silhouette of a woman dressed in such an impeccable style that r magazines could be inspired by everything she represented. It was an authentic simplicity and a deep understanding of her unique and personal style that really delighted me, in my soul then I was able to mentally go into the garden of my mind and water the Tree of admiration that I had just planted.

We both sat down at the table and ordered a coffee. Looking  for a few moments in the eyes we let the thoughts gather in a group like a sphere of idea that was beginning to dance around us.

-I accepted the invitation and I was really very curious to meet you, I said trying to hide the emotion in my voice.

-Thank you , came the  answer accompanied by a subtle smile.

-I wanted you to tell me if it is true ?  I asked.

-If you have a truth that you consider part of your reality, then yes, it is true!

-So you are the one who did not sign the documents so that I can receive the diploma ? I asked with a feeling of joy in my voice awakening sadness in her face.

-Yes , I am , she replied looking at me .

-I came here to thank you !

That’s when I watched her whole face light up and a sense of confidence began to dance around us like an old friend we hadn’t seen for millenniums.

-What do you mean ? I thought this meeting was about presenting your project in order to receive the diploma? she responded with indignation but also a sense of wonder.

-I consider that all these wonderful lessons sent me to a place of my soul where I had to plant and replant feelings. Your decision brought me to the surface a teacher who has now taken on another shade by teaching me new things.

-What do you mean ?

I felt from her question that she understood my imaginary play of feelings but that somewhere she wanted my direct interpretation.

-I understand the sabotage . Through gestures seemingly full of love and understanding but with the intention of sabotaging a plan or a dream, sabotage is a feeling to be understood. Sabotage is a subtlety of a behaviour that we accept from others and seems well-intentioned but hides a completely different reality. Like when a friend brings you your favourite cakes at the exact moment you start a diet. From this sabotage that was part of the feeling with which I grew up in the bosom of my family, self-sabotage was born, so every relationship, project or road to success of mine ends in The Art of Failure. This art being the only one that made me feel AT HOME. So thank you, when the answer was unacceptable, I turned to myself scared and I wanted to feel at home, there I saw the reality created by me, one in which I will always receive rejections because this sabotage was the main conductor in my mental music recital.

-So you tell me that mentally you designed your failure to feel at home?

That’s when I felt that everything I had thought was coherent and correct.

-Yes , I think I did !

-And what would it be like to design success?

-I do not know , remains to be seen.

We looked with enthusiasm understanding that even a seemingly negative action of the other can bring to the surface a real Treasure- Wisdom.

Wisdom is an incredible skill that can transform everything and everything around.


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