• A tribute to simplicity

    For three years I have been seeing the same landscapes and people, but my mind and soul have been wandering in other places not having my eyes open to what is wonderful and what I can learn from miracles that seemed too mundane for my too great ignorance.

    I bought countless times old books from a old lady who sits almost every day on a street corner. Having in her little shop improvised different things. Old toys and what I was most interested in was the  written treasures- books.

    I have often sympathized with the old lady of but I never saw its beauty and power until the eyes of simplicity were opened to me as it happened today.

    All this time I said in my mind: “Look an old woman, maybe abandoned by her children or maybe she has no one near her, coming every day to that street corner to sell something to earn maybe a penny to get a loaf of bread”.

    But it’s like something lately has changed in the perspective of reality, and instead of seeing in that old woman a victim, today I saw an inspiration. I appreciated the tenacity with which despite age she continues to earn a living, the perseverance with which day by day she gets up from bed despite her age or unfavorable conditions she is always there in her corner. Today I saw power in the simplicity of the old woman and more than that I saw happiness, that simple happiness of man who follows his path and knows the secret ingredient that is contentment, that ingredient that makes from an ordinary day a real victory.

    That is why this small gathering of words on a sheet is a tribute to the simplicity of that old woman perspective of life . The way she  enjoys the sunny days, the few things that make her smile, a sincere good morning and the profit from her small business .

    A tribute to simplicity….


  • Un omagiu adus simplitatii

    De trei ani de zile vad aceleasi peisaje si oamenii dar mintea si sufletul meu hoinareau in alte locuri neavand ochii deschisi catre ce e minunat si ce pot invata de la miracolele ce pareau prea banale pentru orgoliul meu prea mare.

    Am cumparat de nenumarate ori carti vechi de la o babuta ce sta aproape zi de zi la un colt de strada. Avand in micul ei magazin improvizat diferite lucruri. Totosei impletiti, jucarii vechi si ce ma interesa pe mine cel mai mult comorile scrise, cartile.

    Am compatimit de multe ori babuta garbovita de vreme dar niciodata nu i-am vazut frumusetea si puterea pana ce ochii simplitatii mi-au fost deschisi cum s-a intamplat azi.

    In tot acest timp am spus in mintea mea : ” Uite o femeie batrana, poate parasita de copii sau poate ca nu are pe nimeni langa ea, venind zi de zi la acel colt de strada sa vanda cate ceva pentru a castiga poate un banut pentru a-si lua o paine “.

    Asa cum toata viata mea m-am privit o victima a sortii, inconjurata de neplaceri si mereu in preajma necazurilor, atat am putut vedea in babuta din fata mea.

    Dar parca ceva in ultima vreme s-a schimbat in perspectiva imaginii asupra realitatii, si in loc de a vedea in acea batranica o victima , azi am vazut o inspiratie. Am apreciat tenacitatea cu care in ciuda varstei continua sa isi castige existenta, perseverenta cu care zi de zi se ridica din pat in ciuda varstei sau a conditiile nefavorabile ea , este mereu acolo in coltul ei . Azi am vazut putere in simplitatea batranei si mai mult de atat am vazut fericirea, acea fericire simpla de om ce isi urmeaza calea si cunoaste ingredientul secret adica multumirea, acel ingredient care face dintr-o zi obisnuita o adevarata victorie .

    De aceea aceasta mica adunare de cuvinte pe o foaie este un omagiu adus simplitatii cu care ea, se bucura de zilele insorite , de lucrurile putine dar care zambet , de o un sincer buna dimineata si de profitul din afacerea ei mica dar care poate inseamna pentru ea un intreg Univers.

    Un omagiu Adus simplitatii….


  • The Great Warrior was just a Don Quijote

    Today, just like yesterday, and the day before yesterday, I decided to take my warrior's armor and go to battle. And I fought today and I fought yesterday and I fought all these days bravely but advancing nowhere.
    And on a Sunday, respecting the secret of rest, I put down my armor.
    That warrior  that is always ready to fight with everyone and everything for the good of the family, friends and community.
    Leaving the armor of the great warrior of good on the hanger, the great warrior realized that during all this time in which he held the sword against dragons and beasts and invaders to protect the loved ones . The ones that he will give his life to protect had a mental factory where in every moment they created more and more problems.
    He then felt embarrassed and small, and from the Great Warrior looking in the mirror he was just a poor Don Quijote de la Mancha (the famous short story written by Alonso Quijano). Like the hero Don Quijote, this contemporary Great Warrior had woken up from the imaginary world full of endless problems of his family, friends and everyone in the community where he lived. He understood that all these people will always create more and more problems and then they will wait for the great savior to come to untangle the tangled things.
    Then the Warrior with bowed head sat down at the table of wisdom, a table where he observes without judging, where he speaks even when he is silent and where everyone is responsible for their creations.
    At this table, no one but the sincere thoughts of the soul can be heard, it is a silence in which all the words of the world are heard in a single echo - God.


  • Marele Razboinic era doar un Don Quijote…

    Azi la fel ca si ieri si cu o zi inainte de ieri am decis sa im iau armura de razboinic si sa plec la lupta. Si am luptat si azi si am luptat si ieri si am luptat in toate aceste zile cu vitejie dar avansand nicaieri.

    Si intr-o zi de Duminica , respectand taina odihnei , am lasat armura jos.

    Aceea armura de razboinic care mereu este gata sa se lupte cu toti si toate pentru binele familiei , al prietenilor si al comunitatii.

    Lasand in cuier armura de mare razboinic al binelui Marele razboinic a realizat ca in tot acest timp in care cu inversunare tinea sabia pentru a se razboi cu balauri si bestii, dragoni si invadatori, toti cei ce jurase sa ii apare aveau o fabrica in care in fiecare clipa creau alte si alte probleme.

    Se simtii atunci stanjenit si mic, si din Marele Razboinic uitandu-se in oglida era doar un biet Don Quijote de la Mancha ( faimoasa nuvela scrisa de Alonso Quijano). Asemenea eroului Don Quijote si acest Mare Razboinic contemporan se trezise din lumea imaginara plina de probleme nesfarsite ale familiei lui, prietenilor si toti cei din comunitatea in care traia. A inteles ca toti acesti oameni vor crea mereu alte si alte probleme si apoi vor astepta sa vina marele salvator spre a descurca itele incurcate.

    Atunci Razboinicul cu capul plecat sa asezat la masa intelepciunii, o masa in care observa fara a judeca, in care vorbeste si cand tace si in care toti sunt responsabili de creatiile lor .

    La aceasta masa nimeni inafara de gandurile sincere ale sufletului nu se aud, este o tacere in care toate cuvintele lumii se aud intr-un singur ecou – Dumnezeu.


  • A new mental factory

    It was a wonderful spring day, I was drinking tea quietly and looking at the steam coming out of the cup, a question started ringing in my ears... What is missing? A simple tea  with me in silence still means more than I could imagine, that mysterious moment of authentic solitude with my thoughts. Is a tea actually a missing puzzle from my mind?
    And what did I have in mind now and here? What was missing and made me hurt my knees and keep hitting my ankles from so much mental running and where?
    That day I felt like an orange, which no matter how you squeeze it, same orange juice will come out. That's when I realized that I'm as well a sponge, one that absorbs everything from everywhere without really understanding the informations.
    Only the day before I had listened to a speech by Jim Rhon in which he said that our mind is like a mental factory and I was beginning to feel, not to believe, but to feel that he had some useful information among the thousands that I poured into my mind and they were totally useless.
    If our mind is a mental factory, then how could I be the same orange but giving different juice?
    A juice that has so little to do with everything I already know...
    And what do I actually already know?
     What do I fill my days and mornings with waiting for something else when I do everything like in a repeated game?
    And then, as a clarity, things began to settle in the library of my mind.
    And I changed only one thing...the mornings.
    I added only one thing leaving everything the same.
    And that action began to become for me the outline of a new mental factory that can reconstruct my entire perspective of life.
    I wonder if others would try and what result would they get?
    Hands holding a big cup of hot tea with lemon
    Hands holding a big cup of hot tea with lemon

  • Un ceai este un CE AI ?

    Era o zi minunata de primavara, beam un ceai linistita si privind spre aburii ce ieseau din cana o intrebare a inceput sa imi rasune in urechi…Ce ai? Un simplu ceai baut cu mine in liniste insemna totusi mai mult decat imi puteam imagina, acel moment tainic de solitudine autentica cu gandurile mele . Un ceai oare este de fapt un CE AI?

    Si ce aveam eu acum si aici in minte? Ce lipsea si ma facea sa imi julesc genunchii si sa imi tot lovesc gleznele de la atata alergat mental si unde ?

    Ma simteam in aceea zi ca o portocala , care indiferent cat si cum ai stoarce-o din ea , tot suc de portocale va iesi. Atunci am realizat ca sunt un burete, unul ce absoarbe tot si de toate de pretutindeni fara discernamantul si sita informatiilor.

    Doar ce ascultasem cu o zi inainte un discurs al lui Jim Rhon in care spunea ca mintea noastra este asemenea unei fabrici mentale si incepeam sa simt nu sa cred, ci sa simt ca are o informatie utila printre miile ce mi le-am turnat in minte si erau total nefolositoare.

    Daca mintea noastra este o fabrica mentala, atunci cum as putea fi eu aceeasi portocala dar care sa dea alt suc ?

    Un suc care sa aibe atat de putina legatura cu tot ce stiu deja…

    Si ce stiu eu deja de fapt?

    Cu ce imi umplu zilele si diminetile asteptand altceva cand fac totul ca intr-un joc repetat ?

    Si atunci ca o claritate lucrurile au inceput sa se aseze in bibleoteca mintii mele.

    Si am schimbat un singur lucru ….diminetile.

    Am adaugat un singur lucru lasand totul la fel.

    Si aceea actiune a inceput sa devina pentru mine schita unei noi fabrici mentale ce poate reconstrui intreaga mea perpectiva a vietii.

    Ma intreb daca si altii ar incerca ce rezultat ar obtine?

    Hands holding a big cup of hot tea with lemon
    Hands holding a big cup of hot tea with lemon

  • Printesele si Eroii Autohtoni

    Panorama iubirilor pierdute in valurile marii , povesti scrise de maini ce tremura de dor in serile in care luna si stelele danseaza melodii cantate in picturile de dor.

    Si oare este scris ca un erou pe calul lui sa vina sa salveze printesa din noi?

    Cat de nedrept pentru un barbat sa foloseasca sabia adevarului manata de minciunile societatii. Cum poate oare el sa ne apare de calaii sufletului nostru ? Cu ce fantasme ale trecutului trebuie sa se lupte barbatul ce iubeste o femeie?

    Caci toata drama adusa in lupta eroului ce salveaza printesa este creata chiar de ea. Balaurul autohton ce poarta hainele unui fost iubit gelos si agresiv de care iubitul trebuie sa ne salveze, toate lipsurile noastre din suflet pe care el trebuie sa le compenseze cu cadouri scumpe si calatorii in destinatii exotice doar ca pozele noastre de instagram sa arate mai bine si sa ne lumineze chipul mai frumos aducand ce nu putem cuprinde intr-o poza comuna intr-o sufragerie in care impartim iubirea in doi.

    Noii eroi autohtoni sunt cu mult mai puternici si luptatori decat toti fostii gladiatori ai trecutului. Ei in aceste zile lupta cu fiinte imaginare create de noi printesele societatii. Acesti eroi in armura lor merita mai multa iubire si respect decat toti ceilalti barbatii care se luptau cu animale salbatice ca sa ne asigure mancarea si protectia. In aceste zile in care totul pare atat de la indemana , fericirea noastra este atat de rara. Ei se lupta cu traficul si programul incarcat , cu stresul un mare balaur al secolului 20 doar pentru ca serile noastre sa fie pline de calm si dragoste , de intelegere si fericire.

    Dar si acesti eroi la fel ca ceilalti isi merita dupa luptele date , trofeul. Dar oare ce au ei nevoie intr-o lume in care totul se cumpara de pe internet si din magazine?

    Poate ca la fel ca si noi duc lipsa de tot ce nu poate fi achizitionat. De fericire, calmitate, blandete si intelegere si binenteles o sexualitate sanatoasa in cuplu.

    Acestea sunt luptele noastre ale femeilor, de a pastra intr-o lume in care sexul este produsul numarul unu vandut in toate colturile, exact in aceasta societate noi sa pastram o relatie sanatoasa si lipsita de iluziile vandute si amabalate frumos.

    Dar oare cum?

    Toate revistele, influenceritile , bloguri si emisiunii ne indeamna sa folosim vulgaritatea si lipsa de demnitate in garderoba noastra feminina.

    Am vazut recent un prodcast care mi-a placut . In care una din invitate spune clar, pentru ce ne pregatim noi oare atunci cand bem fara masura, ne distram in fiecare weekend si impartim patul cu mai mult de un partener saptamanal sau poate chiar in aceeasi seara. Raspunul e clar ca nu pentru o relatie in doi. Cate dintre noi am capatat oare abilitati care aduc benefii in relatia de cuplu, sau oare cate dintre noi chiar stim care sunt acelea?

    Nu cred clar ca poate exista o formula magica de stabilitate a unei relatii dar am invatat pe pielea mea sa ascult si sa observ oamenii care au deja o relatie sanatoasa. Imi este greu sa iau sfaturi despre o relatie fericita de la cineva care este singur sau singura. As vrea cu adevarat oamenii care au reusit sa intretina focul pasiunii si al intelegerii in iubirea de cuplu sa ne impartaseasca din experienta lor si poate dintr-un puzzle minunat de ideei si povesti sa ne facem mapa mentala a unor calitati pe care sa le practicam .


  • The service donkey

    Is the sacrifice coded somewhere in us? Sacrifice family for career, personal life for success, friends for learning;
    Looking at the window that communicates with the sea, I was thinking who puts these rules of sacrifice in the game of life.
    I want to bring laziness to the altar of sacrifice in exchange for success in order to understand it better and transform it from nothing to something. To work according to a plan that will help me divide my time intelligently in such a way that I can smile in the evening at a movie with the children and in the morning at the office with my colleagues.
    Perhaps this altar of sacrifice is just the point where we begin to understand how to balance activities and to sell and buy skills just like  a monopoly game.
    This "laziness" was one of the best skills I had until this age. That state of solitude with me in which it seemed that I was doing nothing, but I was calming and providing clarity to my mind. A reinterpretation of what we feel will provide completely divine answers. But I cataloged this meditation in solitude as lazyness, because that's how those agitated and always swimming in the troubled state of their minds saw my state of calm and tranquility. And just as they threw judgments at me, today I can return the same judgment to them in the Book of Wisdom. But I do it quietly just for myself. Just to get off from my back another heavy bag that was never intended for my shoulders to carry.
    And because I wanted to prove my point of view and to have the feeling of acceptance I ran, taking everyone's binbags as a donkey on the back and carrying other people's bags until somewhere this lesson ended.
    Somewhere quietly and in silence I felt the expectations of others from me and not being aware of who I am and what I feel, I always played the role of emotional donkey.I interpreted other people emotions  and offered them back in another light. And this work seemed to never end because the owners of the emotions came with others and others...and when I turned to them for a fair exchange of experiences, I was hit with the classic: It's not my job.
    And I was angry and I screamed and I was sad for a long time until I realized that it is not my job to take the smelly garbage from the neighbor's door and take it to the garbage, pushed by moral and social rules he will be forced to do it alone . But in this mental debate with me, I came and protected my role as a hero by telling myself about the civic and moral sense of helping the other. Is it so? Is there an obligation to move someone else's garbage so that its smell does not flood us? That's probably why the Laws of Karma were invented, the laws of cause and effect, in which unknown forces come into action when our mental and emotional garbage disturbs the smell of harmony around us. In order to preserve the natural balance, these laws of karma enter the scene, forcing us to maintain the personal vibration according to the collective vibration.
    These bags were returned to the rightful owners so that they could make their changes along with the sacrifices.


  • Magarul de serviciu

    Este undeva codificat in noi sacrificiul? Sacrifica familia pentru cariera, viata personala pentru succes , prietenii pentru invatat ;

    Privind spre geamul ce comunica cu marea ma gandeam cine pune aceste reguli ale sacrificiului in jocul vietii.

    Eu vreau sa aduc in schimbul succesului pe altarul sacrificiului lenea pentru a o intelege mai bine si a o transforma din lips in prea plin. Sa muncesc dupa un plan care sa ma ajute sa imi impart inteligent timpul in asa fel incat sa pot zambi seara la un film cu copii si dimineata la birou cu colegii.

    Poate ca acest altar al sacrificiului este doar punctul in care incepem sa intelegem cum sa echilibram activitatile si ca intr-un joc de monopoly sa vindem si sa cumparam abilitati .

    Aceasta ” lene ” a fost una dintre cele mai bune abilitati pe care le-am avut pana la acesta varsta. Aceea stare de solitudine cu mine in care parea ca nu fac nimic dar calmam si ofeream claritate mintii mele. O reinterpretare a ce simtim va oferi raspunsuri cu totul divine. Dar am catalogat aceasta meditatie in singuratate lene, pentru ca asa vedeau cei agitati si mereu inotand in starea tulbure a mintii lor, starea mea de calm si liniste. Si asa cum ei aruncau catre mine judecati si eu azi le pot intoarce inapoi in condica Cartilor aceeasi judecata. Dar o fac in liniste doar pentru mine . Doar pentru a da jos din spatele meu inca un sac greu ce niciodata nu a fost destinat umerilor mei sa il car.

    Si poate din incercarea de a-mi demonstra punctul de vedere si a avea sentimentul de acceptare am alergat , magarul tuturor luand in spate si carand sacii altora pana cand undeva si aceasta lectie s-a incheiat.

    Undeva tacit si in tacere simteam asteptarile celorlati de la mine si nefiind consitienta de cine sunt si ce simt , jucam mereu rolul de magar emotional , ce care emotiile altora, le interpretam si le ofeream inapoi intr-o alta lumina. Si aceasta munca parea ca niciodata nu se sfarseste pentru ca posesorii emotiilor veneau cu altele si cu altele ….iar cand ma intorceam catre ei pentru un schimb echitabil de experiente ma loveam de clasicul : Nu e treaba mea . Si am fost suparata si am urlat si m-am intristat mult timp pana am realizat ca nu e treaba mea sa iau de la usa vecinului gunoiul care miroase si sa il duc la gunoi, impins de reguli morale si sociale va fi obligat sa o faca singur . Dar in aceasta dezbatare mentala cu mine veneam si protejam rolul meu de erou spundu-mi singura de simtul civic si moral de ajutor a celuilalt. Oare asa sa fie ? Exista obligatia sa mutam gunoiul altuia ca sa nu ne inunde mirosul lui? Probail ca de aceea s-au inventat Legile Karmei, legile cauza efect , in care forte necunoscute intre in actiune in momentul in care gunoiul nostru mental si emotional deranjeaza mirosul de armonie din jur. Pentru pastrearea echilibrului natural , in scena intra aceste legi ale karmei care ne obliga sa mentinem in functie de vibratia colectiva vibratia personala.

    Acesti saci au fost inapoiati proprietarilor de drept pentru ca si ei sa isi faca schimburile in alaturul sacrificiilor.


  • Snowballs formed from consequences

    I was looking at the white mountain covered with snow, everything around was of a divine silence; On the top of the mountain, a lot of people were lined up, all with an imaginary snow globe in front of them, full of past actions, decisions, dreams. It was a snow globe built from a multitude of parts from themselves. Everything they were looking for, wanted to get and wanted to have.
    Everything became so clear from the position of observer, analysis and introspection, somewhere in me a light was lit; I understood that our experiences without analysis and introspection keep us connected to everything that happens in our life, like an imaginary thread of a snowball formed from actions and that destiny becomes uncontrollable like an avalanche in the absence of Divinity.
    Then the avalanche began, and I watched how the life of those on the top unfolded according to the snowball desire to cause an uncontrolled avalanche of events in their lives, I watched how they were pulled by the snowball who became bigger and bigger  from experiences that resemble the dough from which they were formed. Those who had snowball with happy experiences, incredible synchronicity of events, joy, health and contentment grew imaginary snowballs with other similar feelings and those who had it composed of hatred, resentment, frustration, for them the same thing happens, as if by magic , their snowball only find  situations that feed them the material from which they formed their sphere.
    And then, detached in calmness, I looked at the material with which I built my snowball of actions. It was composed of many things: love, desire for knowledge, experience, miracles, trust, wisdom, introspection, abundance, meta-wealth. And then I added the element that gave them coherence, God.
    Looking at the beautiful sphere of actions, I understood that everything can change in seconds when we stop listening to the noise of the world and return to the space of silence. That timeless space where we meet the Creator, where we understand that we have lessons and that we can change the book at any time and learn something else.
    How can we expect to be calm and happy in our lives when we constantly seek to be the victims of an executioner's play or the hero who is always fighting imaginary dragons? From this constant desire to prove that we are someone, the book of life will provide us with material actions that support what we feel and think.
    Maybe if we timidly knocked on the Creator's door to ask for another training course, would He listen to us?



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