The only one in the mirror !

     The room suddenly became a long-forgotten room in her mind, everything gained another understanding again and looking at the large mirror behind the desk she understood that she was alone in the mirror.

All the stories told up to that point were about her;

The steps go to the mirror that has just answered questions that no one has ever been able to contain. Looking at herself in the mirror, she begins to catch conversations .

She sits at the table looking at her partner and asking him avidly about life, love and relationship; All of them are portrayed as a map of the past and the future.

In fact, it’s just her looking at herself in a mirror with a different face, but has she always been like that. Was her who received love, lies or illusions himself?

In a universe where the Creator leaves in the keys of creation and the secrets of the world… this it may be one of them.

Passages of the holy books begin to be presented to her like the old writings of parchment on the soul.

“To be kind to the one in front of you”, “to love your neighbor”, “to turn the other cheek”. What connection does it have with reality everything?

Then in the soul there is a silence, one that gets a shade of harmony, everything now has a different perspective. If we are still us when we interact with others, what can this mean?

Can love be received as much as it is offered?

From the mental library in the hand appears the book of the first love.

The first kiss, the first walks, the first fight , the separation.  Looking into the book she sees the same love but in other shades painted with another character. A love in which she never once loved him but searched herself.

Then in the background begins a conversation with her Mentor:

– I told you so many times, we can only see what is in us !


-Well if I am a sincere man , I will see the only stain of sincerity in the soul of the interlocutor; That can be the loved one, child, parent or friend. A light no matter how small in the darkness surrounded by the lie of the other I will find .

-Because that’s how you are?

-No, because that’s how we see it. We see in those in front of us who we are in the mirror.

She watches him quietly sit down in front of her waiting for questions or another attack of ideas different from his own.

-But master I can not believe that it is so !

– This wonderful universe of relationships is designed for our soul to see its beauty even in ugliness.

-I mean a liar will meet a sincere man for him to bring to light his truth?

– Yes, it can work like this, the two of them to have in common in the lesson of learning the unveiling of a personal truth to become a spiritual guide after.

-How do we then  understand where we are and when the other one begins to be him?

-This is where self-knowledge always comes in! Carefully polishing in our depths we find the most important treasure, we find our soul, there are inscribed all our selves that we then meet on the outside. And yes it sounds harsh , but the aggressive man who hit you are all you , the gentle and calm one who loved you devotedly all you , the loyal one who was next to you are all you , the tiran who runs the companies with an iron hand all you , all you are you and none you are.

-Do you mean that there were never those in the relationship to blame the pain in my soul? But that I resonated with something of the monster , hero or bad man that I loved or hated ?

-Yes exactly that I say, think honestly , why did you stay after the first slap? Why didn’t you leave from this relationship?

-How could I and where to run away from me?

-Exactly! Where do we try to run away from ourselves? That’s why many relationships are unanswered questions in the minds of those who look to you from the outside like a play. We can run anywhere, we can hide in any other place but in the evening in bed alone we sleep with the bad one, the hero or monster because they remain in us that’s why we meet them in the cinema of life.

– It makes sense !

-Yes, everything makes sense when we accept who we are but we stop doing that because the social template urges us to be enrolled in codes of success and anything that is from another code is not accepted.

– Here I find it hard to understand !

-Here you will understand what I say when we have a common point of understanding, here the two of us are us without being able to look ourselves eye to eye in the mirror.

Daylight began to discreetly enter the room, covering the entire mirror with the image of the sun, an absolute image of nature that follows the course of night and light, of sun and moon.


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